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Educational Coloring Books
Educational Coloring Books
US Constitution Book for Kids!
Approved by teachers and educators! The U.S. Constitution Book Just For Kids is designed for Constitution Day September 17th or anytime to help young children understand the fundamental laws of the U.S. Constitution. Get yours today!

This 60 page book is used as a teaching and learning tool. 50 United States - The Greatest Nation in History Coloring, Activity & Game Book is designed to be a fun educational activity book to help young children understand facts about the United States.
American Presidents Coloring & Activity Book is designed to be a fun, educational activity book to help young children and adults learn all about the Presidents of the United States. This 52 page book is used as a teaching and learning tool.

(14" x 20")
Giant Tablet Coloring Books® (14" x 20")      
Giant Tablet Coloring Books have sold very well in fundraising and retail markets! Giant Tablet Coloring Books® are all 14" wide by 20" high and will keep a child entertained for many hours. We manufacture kids coloring books at the best competitive rates. We participate in Green Technology that is friendly to the environment with soy inks, recycled paper and the sustainable forestry initiative!
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(17" x 23")
Really Big Coloring Books® (17" x 23")            
All books are designed for children ages pre-k to grade 6.  Bright colored covers & high quality inside perforated pages.  Minimum 32 pages each & 80 hours of coloring fun!  Every book is written and designed by educators or industry professionals.  All books are registered in the Library of Congress and are used as a teaching and learning to in classrooms
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